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Products & Services

Waste Water Management
We offer many modern technologies like
  • Fluidized Aerobic Bio-reactor (FAB)
  • Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film (SAFF)
  • Activated Sludge Process (ASP) and Its variants
  • Anaerobic Systems
  • Tertiary Treatment Systems
  • Natural Systems
  • UVF (Ultra Violet Filtration) Systems
  • SBR - Sequencing Batch Reactor & Extended Aeration in Modern Technologies
  • Containerized Wastewater Treatment System (CWWTS)
These products and services are designed to help keep the city safe. Treatment with MBBR is ideal for producing non-potable water. MBBR produces a highly clarified effluent that can be more easily disinfected.

Sewage treatment cum Reclamation plant
Industrial wastewater / Effluent Treatment
Recycling plant
Conventional and filtration systems
Softener and filtration systems
Water and waste water Disinfections Systems
All types of Water Management MEP Works

Water Treatment
The main products are
  • Filters - Sand / Activated Carbon / Iron removal
  • R.O. (Reverse Osmosis ) Plants
  • Softeners / De-mineralisers
  • Disinfection Equipments

We install and commission all kind of water treatment plants which include drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, We have our own lab to test the water and to ensure best quality. For drinking water treatment we use pressure sand filtration, carbon filtration, water softening, iron removal, reverse osmosis, micron filtration, U.V Sterilization, ozone generation & Automatic chemical dosing. Also we undertake mineral water plants installation and commissioning.

Swimming Pool & Spa
Read RPS as the best swimming pool and spa developers in kerala. Because we only use quality products of international brands. Quality makes the name RPS, outstand in the crowd. Our swimming pool accessories and spa equipment meets all international standards.
We offer:
  • Pumps & Pre – Filters
  • Filters
  • Underwater Lights & Accessories
  • Basin Equipments
  • Ladders & Handrails
  • Pool Maintenance Equipments
  • Gratings
  • Packaged Filtration Units
  • Retro Fit Filtration Equipments
  • Readymade Pools
  • Disinfection Equipments
  • Competition Equipments
  • Chemicals & Test Kits
The main products are:
  • Readymade Units
  • Custom Designs
  • Basin Accessories
  • Spa Pumps
  • Air Blowers
  • Electric Heater
  • Underwater Lights & Accessories
  • Counter current
  • Steam sauna equipments

RPS Jacuzzi whirlpools and Spa are designed for elegance and relaxation. Our products and superior technology unite warmth, water and air in unique stimulating configurations to help rejuvenate, refresh, relax and reconnect.

Hydro-Pneumatic / Pressure Boosting System
The main products are:
  • Vertical / Horizontal / Submersible Pumps
  • Pre-charged Diaphragm Tanks
  • VFD Controllers
  • Mega Controls
  • Pressure Switch Controllers
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Pressure Gauges

Hydro- Pneumatic Pressure Booster System consists of an automatic pressure controlled pump and a tank, which contains an air filled poly-ether-urethane (PEU) bladder. The water gets pumped in this tank that compresses it and pressurizes the bladder which in turn maintains a desired pressure within the whole water system.

It offers complete and efficient management of water pressure, consistent water pressure on all floors, pressurized full flow shower, consistent water flow in bathtubs, dishwashers, showers and garden hose.

The modern fittings like mixers require an optimum pressure to function efficiently. Since this pressure is normally not available with an overhead tank, the booster system makes the presence of such fittings more meaningful.

Fountain /Water Features
The main products are
  • Nozzles
  • Pumps - Surface / Submersible
  • Underwater Lights & Accessories
  • Automatic Controllers
  • Complete Fountain Units
  • Water cascades, sheets etc.
  • Accessories
  • Fire and Water Jet
  • Misting Unit
  • Rain Curtains
Types of Fountain Nozzles - Single Jet Nozzles, Multi Jet Nozzles, Rotating nozzles, Water film nozzles, Foam effect nozzles, Sphere effect nozzles, Well water effects....
Biological Filtration for Fish Ponds

To keep a Garden Pond or Water Garden healthy and clear Pond Filters are generally used. Effective Pond Filters combine mechanical and biological Pond filtration. During Biological Pond filtration beneficial bacteria breaks down fish waste and other organic matter. The Mechanical Pond filtration traps particles in some type of filter media for later removal during cleaning.
The main products are:

  • Readymade Ponds
  • Bio Filters
  •  Pumps
  • Basin Equipments
  • Pond Cleaners
  • UV Clarifiers
Sprinkler / Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation is a technique of applying irrigation water which is comparable to rainfall. Water is distributed by pumping through a system of pipes. It is then sprayed into the air and irrigated entire soil surface through spray heads so that it breaks up into small water drops and falls to the ground. Sprinklers give coverage for small to large areas and are suitable for use on all types of properties. Used mostly for watering lawn areas or for agricultural purposes.

The main products are:

  • Rotors Sprays
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Automatic Controllers
  • Sensor Pumps
Sectors we serve
  • Apartments & Villas
  • Hotel & Resorts
  • Water theme parks
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Malls
  • Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Distillery
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Residences
  • Dairy
  • Food & Beverages
  • Factories
  • Containerized Wastewater Treatment System

    The CWWTS - Containerized Wastewater Treatment System is a state of the art mobile wastewater treatment container system that utilizes biological aeration, clarification and various filtration processes to treat high-strength wastewater such as sewage, septic tank effluent, dairy wastes, livestock animal waste and industrial wastewater for reuse in irrigation. Containers allow for a maximum flow rate of 30m3/day, and are manufactured in two sizes.

    • CWWTS 20 ft (6 meter) Container: is an activated sludge process, whereby the effluents are treated on a secondary treatment level. The biological treatment process consists of activated sludge including an aerated reactor and secondary clarifiers. The treated wastewater (effluent) discharged from the container has a concentration of up to 30 mg/I TSS, and up to 20 mg/I BOD.
    • CWWTS 40 ft (12 meter) Container: is an activated sludge process, with nitrogen removal.
      The biological treatment process consists of activated sludge including nitrogen removal - anoxic tank, aerated reactor and secondary clarifiers.
      Secondary effluent treatment utilizes sand filtration and chlorination.
      Effluents are treated on a tertiary treatment level prior to use in agriculture, landscape irrigation and other applications.
      The treated wastewater (effluent) discharged from the container has a concentration of up to 10 mg/I TSS, and up to 10 mg/I BOD.

    CWWTS Containerized Wastewater Treatment System includes the container, tanks, valves, pumps, pipes, sand filter, compressor, blowers, instruments, dosing unit, controls and electrical board, plus fabrication, Installation, assembly and wiring. Outdoor equalization tank and sludge collection tank are optional.

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